22 August: Autumn Equiros welcomes well-known Vernye Druzya company For 20 years now Vernye Druzya company helps our pets when they experience hard times, feel unwell and need some prevention, just as we do. One can sure enough tell the condition of a horse by the way it looks, but only professionals are competent to assess and preserve its health. In such cases we seek assistance from Vernye Druzya.
21 August: is your guide to equine Germany is one of the leading companies operating equine camps for children in Germany, which feature ranks or extra language courses.
16 August: The First Horse Manufactory: for the 3rd time at Equiros The First Horse Manufactory LLC production company appeared on the Russian equestrian market in 2015. In 2016, FHM becomes a permanent participant of the Equiros exhibition and wins the recognition of a large number of riders
10 August: VI International Exhibition of Calligraphy in Sokolniki Park September 1 to 10 in anticipation of the autumn Equiros At the exhibition, you will see over 350 unique calligraphy works from 150 outstanding contemporary Russian and international masters which will give you a new vision of the expressive power of letters
2 August: AS-Market Company is a New Participant of Equiros! AS-Market Company is a service distribution company established in 1992.
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