27 June: Saddlery and harnesses from Orlovskaya PTC LLC at the Equiros Horse Fair The largest Russian producer of saddlery and harness related products, the Orlovskaya PTC LLC, will participate in “Equiros” exhibition
21 June: Veterinary and pharmaceutical products from the Soger company at the Equiros Horse Fair The Soger company has confirmed its participation in the Equiros Horse Fair. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Czech company ORLING s.r.l., offers to the horse lovers the “GelaPony” cartilage protectors for cartilaginous tissue regeneration.
17 June: The Old Billy Rider’s Shop. Equipment. Horses. Ponies Once again this autumn Old Billy, one of the biggest equestrian shops from the Moscow region will take part in the exhibition. This shop can certainly be ranked as an everything-from-A-to-Z shop
16 June: Stylish Clothes and Equipment for Equestrian Sport and Active Recreation The constant exhibition participant Avanti will please its regular customers with the new goods from UVEX
10 June: Florian Equestrian Store: individual approach to every client FLORIAN equestrian store has confirmed its participation in Equiros
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