3 April: Moving forward towards the goal The business today should consolidate, it's necessary to exercise perseverance and courage in working towards our goals and to remember the lessons from our fathers and grandfathers in their hardships.
23 March: About the postponement of the spring "EQUIROS PRO 2020" exhibition Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, the organizer of the "EQUIROS" exhibition, informs you that the "EQUIROS Professional 2020" exhibition has been postponed to May 14-17 due to the latest events that are taking place in our country.
16 March: Equiros Professional 2020 will not take place on scheduled dates In accordance with the decree of the Mayor of Moscow, all cultural events have been canceled in the capital until the 10th of April. This information is reported on the Mayor 's website.
13 March: New horse journal “OUR Horses” is a participant of the Equiros Professional The journal includes plenty of useful and interesting information for horsemen and people who is keen on horses and working with them.
12 March: Fra-Mil: Best Belarus Footwear for Riders - At Equiros Professional The leading riding footwear factory will present its products at the Spring edition of Equiros Professional.
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