20 January: Looking for some items for rider or horse? Try Tekhnologiya Sporta! Equestrian supermarket Tekhnologiya Sporta is an exclusive platform for customers where you can find anything a rider and his or her pet needs
11 January: Kubanagroprod LLC announced as new spring participant of EquirosPro Kubanagroprod group focuses on production and processing of agriproduct (grain, soy, sunflower etc.)
10 January: New participant of spring Equiros – Innovatsionnye Konstruktsii LLC Innovatsionnye Konstruktsii designs, manufactures, installs and services prefabricated buildings and structures
10 January: Discover equine Germany with Tour Service Springer agency Tour Service Springer agency is a permanent partner and participant of Equiros since 2011
30 December: Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Dear friends, colleagues and partners! I would like to extend my cordial congratulations and wish you the happiest New Year!
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