15 September: No Rush joins the EQUIROS PROFESSIONAL '2022 exhibition No Rush is a brand of horse and rider equipment. Our products are designed for thoughtful and efficient equestrians.
13 September: The venue of the EQUIROS PROFESSIONAL '2022 exhibition has been changed Attention! The EQUIROS PROFESSIONAL '2022 Autumn Exhibition is back in Sokolniki!
25 August: The state-owned company Rosippodromy has started the preparation phase of reconstruction of the Central Moscow Hippodrome The Rossiyskiye Ippodromy is ready to accommodate repositioned horses in Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk and Oryol.
19 August: Meet a new participant of the Equiros Autumn Exhibition: White Horse Shop White Horse Shop is a tack shop for horse gear and riding apparel.
11 August: Russian Show Jumping Championship The Russian Show Jumping Championship will take place in Noginsk near Moscow on August 10-14. It is one of the most important equestrian tournaments. The regional championship will be held there as well.
28 July: Chechen experts bred their first breed of horses, according to Chechnya Today. Recently, Chechen stallions competed in the "Big Groznensky Prize.
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