8 December: Amunichnik aims to impress at Equiros Professional'2017 Permanent exhibitor, Amunichnik equestrian e-shop will present a grand collection of equestrian goods this spring, including novelties from Pikeur, Eskadron and LAMI CELL!
8 December: Siberian Horse Manufacture exclusively joins Equiros Professional'2017 Has anyone ever thought why the name? The answer is simple: young, dynamic and experienced riders from Siberia are in control in this company, and they can't imagine their life free of equestrian sport since childhood.
1 December: FLORIAN equestrian store gears up for Spring'2017 FLORIAN online equestrian store has come among the first to join the EQUIROS Professional' 2017 spring fair.
1 December: Saddlecloth Workshop among first participants to join Equiros Professional'2017 Natalia Kornyukhova's booth has experienced an unprecedented hype last autumn, which has become a proper initiation and test of the Saddlecloth Workshop in challenging economic environment. Quality, individual beauty and elegance of embroidery, prize blankets and souvenirs have been in demand of the visitors of the equine show.
1 December: Selection of treats by DREFFS at Equiros Professional' 2017 Now DREFFS offers over 36 various treats for horses. The key manufacturing features are quality and no artificial additives.
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