5 April: “Fire Horse — revirescence” syrup at the booth (C4140) of “Bogatyrskiye korma” (Mighty feeds) company “Bogatyrskiye korma” (Mighty feeds) company will represent for the first time the “Fire Horse! Revirescence” vegetable syrup balsam supporting the joints’ functions.
5 April: Equiros Professional'2018 is now live! Exhibit hall 4.1 in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre has launched the long-anticipated Equiros Professional'2018 exhibition, featuring a grand fair of all sorts of equestrian and sports items from leading brands and stores.
5 April: Horse breeding VNII (Russian National Research and Development Institute) at “Equiros Professional’2018” exhibition Dear participants and visitors, during “EQUIROS Professional” the following specialists will offer their services at the booth of the Horse breeding VNII
5 April: Fashion parade at “Equiros Professional’2018”! During the last day of “Equiros Professional” on 8th of April at 1 p.m. the equestrian fashion parade dedicated to the 5th anniversary show jumping competition among the children and young people for the prizes of Aleksey Glukharev
4 April: BALANCE equestrian store, “Equiros Professional’2018” participant prepares sales action for you! BALANCE equestrian store is offering the goods of various brands as Horze, Fair Play, B//Vertigo, Waldhausen, Carr&Day&Martin, Hidalgo and many other including the products made by Russian manufacturers.
3 April: Seminar of “Equihelp” Horse protection association at “Equiros Professional’2018” exhibition On Saturday, 7th of April, 2018, in the conference room No1, the “Equihelp” Horse protection association will hold the seminar “You removed your horse from bad conditions. What is next? Veterinary measures, care, feeds, feed additives”.
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