5 February: Pegas equestrian club, Equiros' advertising partner Equiros' development and improvement programme is inextricably linked with continuous interaction with equestrian clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region.
5 February: New riding and equestrian footwear releases from Alfa (Penza city) This spring, the shoe manufacturing shop Alfa will treat customers to a new collection of footwear for horseback riding and equestrian sports!
4 February: Otrada equestrian club and Equiros, mutual partnership to achieve goals! The equestrian club Otrada has been a partner to Equiros for many years.
30 January: Swiss feeding rations for horses from HB HORSE LABORATORY This spring, visitors and participants of Equiros will have another chance to learn about the high quality equestrian products brought to you by the trademark HB HORSE LABORATORY.
16 January: Manna Pro. Natural horse feeds and premixes Manna Pro has confirmed its participation in this spring's Equiros Professional' 2019
16 January: Pettown pet shop and veterinary pharmacy to demonstrate its innovations at EQUIROS Professional 2019 Pettown, or Gorod Zhivotnykh, is a online store, offering the widest variety of pet products and veterinary drugs at the most affordable prices.
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