16 February: EquiHelp Horse Protection Society holds open horse care seminars The seminar will share key aspects of natural horse care
15 February: Seminar on selective, genetic and physiological aspects of horse breeding Spring is coming shortly, which means the Equiros Professional’2017 spring equestrian exhibition approaches to be held between March 30 and April 2 in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.
14 February: Dikiy Medved company presents feeds and premixes of its own design this spring A permanent participant of Equiros, Dikiy Medved company, will present its updated range of feeds and premixes manufactured at two Russian certified plants: premix plant No. 1 in Belgorod region and feed-milling plant in Kostroma.
8 February: Horse feeds and premixes by Manna Pro New participant of the spring Equiros, Manna Pro company, will present over 100 products it makes, including feeds, muesli and premixes
20 January: Looking for some items for rider or horse? Try Tekhnologiya Sporta! Equestrian supermarket Tekhnologiya Sporta is an exclusive platform for customers where you can find anything a rider and his or her pet needs
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