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Saturday, May 20, 2023 Lecture: First aid for the horse. Assessment of basic physiological indicators. Basic types of injuries in performance horses. Emergency cases therapy

Tamara Gennadievna Antunovich - practicing veterinarian, FKSR, FEI, Senior Lecturer of Kaliningrad State Technical University

Topic of the lecture: First aid for the horse. Evaluation of basic physiological signs. Basic types of injuries in sport horses. Emergency treatment.

At the lecture we will talk about:

- how to properly assess the horse's physiological indicators: temperature, pulse, breathing, assess mucous membrane colour and capillary filling rate;

- discuss the most common injuries of horses depending on the type of equestrian sport;

- what are the common problems of dressage horses, show-jumping horses, triathlon horses;

- what to do in case of injury, bleeding;

- we'll talk about first aid for horses in case of colic;

- what medications to use, what medications not to use;

- We will discuss first aid and the composition of the first aid kit at the stables.

May 21, 12:30-13:30

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