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Project Start: September 17th, 1998

Equiros was born in 1998 and today it is a hallmark event in the history of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Out of a small professional gathering Equiros has grown into one of the equine industry’s main events supported by both famous businesses and governmental bodies. Every year Equiros attracts many foreign guests and experts from such countries as: the Netherlands (Holland National Horse Foundation, PAVO), Germany (German Horse Industry, LAAKE), Great Britain (Neue Schule), etc.

The exhibition features conferences and seminars dedicated to horse breeding in Russia, diverse equine shows and championships: exhibition performance of the members of the Russian Paralympic Equestrian National Team, the Russian Pony and Miniature Horse Championship, the Western Riding Cup of Russia, the EQUIROS Exhibition Pony Show Jumping Cup, equestrian vaulting performance and open training programme, and show-championship for the title of the EQUIROS Absolute Champion).

Over these nineteen years, Equiros has become not only an anticipated professional event, but also a first-class equine show visited by all horse lovers with their families and friends. We are proud of the fact that not only have we managed to guide the project through the hardships of the exhibition business but also strived to make it a better and more fascinating show. We look forward to seeing you at Equiros, the International Equestrian Exhibition and Fair!

Alexey ShaburovSenior Consultant and Project Author

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