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Verkhom Po Meschyore Equestrian and Tourist Facility

Assisted by the Business Support Centre of Ryazan region, Verkhom Po Meschyore took part in the Equiros exhibition for the first time. We wish to thank the team of Equiros-Professional'2019 for this invaluable experience – Equiros proved to be a space to establish contacts with colleagues from various areas of the equestrian world, as well as the place to meet old and new friends of our ranch. Even though it was our first attempt at such a grand and demanding event, its brilliant organization helped us spend as much time as we could working with the guests at our booth and establishing new contacts. We wish Equiros to keep up as a key national equestrian event, and Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre to remain the unchanging venue for it!

Evgeny Pogonin 
Owner of Verkhom Po Meschyore

Association for Tradition Cultivation and Horse Owners Interest Protection of Rostov Region

Association for Tradition Cultivation and Horse Owners Interest Protection of Rostov Region, thanks you and your team – Lyudmila Savilova and Alexandra Bashlykova for the well-organized event, professionalism and commitment they demonstrated over the course of Equiros 2016.
We wish you all the best and hope to cooperate going forward!

S. Gayduk 
Council Chairman of the Association for Tradition Cultivation and Horse Owners Interest Protection of Rostov Region

Equine Veterinary Association

Our company is one of the pioneers of the Equiros exhibition: we have been constantly participating in it for 16 years already, since the very first event.
We have always been into each and every step in the development of the exhibition and Russian equine industry together with Equiros. During this time the uncountable number of business meetings, seminars, demonstrations and conferences was organized. Each new Equiros project was and remains for us the main professional platform in the country.

Nonparticipation in Equiros means to miss something very important, so every year we thoroughly prepare for the event and aim to be in the epicenter of events.

Ekaterina Zabegina

Usadba Company

PKF Usadba, LLC is one of Equiros' permanent participants. Firstly this exhibition for us means a permanent partner, and a kind of bridge, where we meet with customers and partners, obtain information about the market and all innovations, get the latest information on trends. Equiros is an important exhibition for us and for everyone who loves horses!

Ludmila Botvinovskaya

Horse House Company

Horse House Company has been participating in Equiros since 2012. During this period of time we receive only positive vibes as both the organization and level of the exhibition visitors are top class.

This year we take part in the autumn edition of Equiros and plan on demonstrating a variety of the latest things for everyone who loves horses.

Ekaterina Troyanskaya

Horse Vet Company

The main direction of our company is defined by the trading of veterinary preparations for horse treatment. Our aim is to create the widest range of veterinary products for the convenience of our customers.

Being a regular participant in the Equiros exhibition we would like to point out that every year the exhibition is growing and changing for the better. Currently, the public interest in equestrian sport has been significantly growing in our country. Many new equestrian clubs keep on opening and work aimed at restoring racecourses performing.

We believe that the Equiros exhibition plays an important role in the development of interest to equestrian sport. After all, it is the Equiros exhibition that provides wide opportunities for manufacturers of goods and services for equestrian sport to showcase their innovations. Besides, a traditional rich business programme facilitates the exchange of experience and promotes equestrian activities in our country.

We are grateful to Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre for a huge and unique contribution to the development of equestrian business.

Galina Simarzina

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