Equiros 2020 is the 22nd edition of the international equestrian exhibition, which is justly regarded to be the main equestrian exhibition in our country. Participants of the event are represented by more than 300 horses of various breeds and over 200 companies that produce and distribute equestrian gear, feeds, veterinary products, and equipment for the construction, operation and maintenance of horsebreeding and equestrian sport infrastructure. 

The exhibition features professional lectures, seminars and conferences, as well as business networking, matchmaking and settlement of deals. For both professional and amateur equestrian lovers, Equiros has become the main platform for annual meetings with partners, experience exchange and promotion of innovative products. 

The Equiros exhibition features a vast equestrian and business programme encompassing all the aspects of the equestrian life in Russia.

Organizing committee:
Alexey Haryutkin, Project Manager
Tel.: +7 495 995 0591,  ext. 430
Mob.: +7 916 353 2109
E-mail: avh@sokolniki.com

Last update: Thursday, June 25, 2020 1:56:44 PM

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