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Wednesday, April 26, 2023 "The First Equestrian Manufactory" is one of the regular exhibitors at the fair, and this year is no exception!

What makes the company special? We asked and here is the answer:

In-house production with professional specialist equipment, employing seamstresses with years of experience! We have to cut thousands of pieces and sew hundreds of kilometres of fabric to be able to produce high quality results in a short space of time. Thanks to our technology, we are able to create products of any complexity and in any volume, without losing quality.

Experienced staff: supervisors, managers, stockists, quality control and delivery staff, designers... all those who communicate with you on social media, create content, pack orders, come up with customised blankets, supervise production and do office work. The team at First Equestrian Manufactory is a team of equestrians united by one idea and goal!

Experience, trial and error, awards and titles... Every year we grow and change, but we remain the best in Russia for equestrian products thanks to European quality and affordable prices. Since 2015, we have exhibited every year at Equiros in order to be in live touch with you - our customers. We sincerely enjoy your feedback and pay close attention to your wishes! We take into account every comment in the smallest detail to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products. We are the first choice of the major tournaments, clubs and top athletes for a reason.

Service is something we are particularly proud of! Thanks to our manufacturing and shop in St. Petersburg we have the opportunity to:

- To work promptly with the largest suppliers of fabric, fittings and with transport companies;

- show the product live to everyone in our showroom, so you can feel and see the quality;

- repair your products under warranty within a very short time;

- help you find your dream product and buy it on the spot (or get the size you want!).

Wide range of goods! We don't limit ourselves to blankets, moreover - we don't restrict ourselves to our own production! We have other Russian brands as well as foreign ones. Breeches, jackets, gloves, spurs - for the rider. All for leg protection, headbands, fur products, cosmetics, brushes, feeds - for horses. Brackets, buckets, forks, feed bags - for the stable. And that's not all - but you can everything you need with us!


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