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Sunday, April 23, 2023 A regular exhibitor at Equiros - ST Pegasus

ST Pegasus successfully operates in St. Petersburg and offers its customers a wide range of products for equestrian sports from European manufacturers, both economy and premium class. The company offers: ammunition for horses (saddles, bridles, blankets, shoe covers), equipment for riders (breeches, harnesses, helmets, shoes), preventive supplements and care products made by English company Equimins.

Also there are goods from European suppliers: PFIFF (Germany), Kavalkade (Germany), EKKIA (France), Nagy Lovas (Hungary), ZILKO (EU), Kentaur (Czech Republic), Jan Hauzr (Czech Republic), Harry Horse (Holland), Kerbl (Germany), Wahlsten (Finland), NKM (Germany), POLO (Germany), Cavallo (Germany).

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