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Thursday, April 20, 2023 Almazny (‘Diamond’) Equestrian Camp stand at Equiros

Here's what the project participants write about themselves:

"We tried to combine the best of sports and pioneer camps! First and foremost, it is a place for horseback riding enthusiasts. For children with a passion for the sports. Yes, sports! That's why our activities are far from rides, they are full-fledged training sessions. Challenging, with high demands on the kids, so that they leave us with new knowledge and skills. In addition to trainings, we conduct master classes, teach safety rules and basics of riding.

But horses are not everything. In addition to the sports component, there is also the creative one. The job of our counselors is to get the children involved in sports games, acting, music, drawing and much more! We wanted the children to have the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and try things they have not done before. That is why taking part in all the activities is also compulsory for all our children. This unites and develops them!

Tel: +7 (903)792-25-06, +7(926)702-72-23


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