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Thursday, March 28, 2019 Welcome to the "Equiros Professional"

The 10th anniversary exhibition of the horse fair and professional conference " Equiros Professional" were opened in paviillion 4.1 of the congress and exhibition center Sokolniki. On this event you can find a huge assortment of different products for horse racing and horse keeping.

The participants of this event traditionally are russian and foreign companies and specialists, who represent services in the horse breeding, supplies for horse caring and horse racing, representatives of horse shops, hippodromes, private clubs, stud furms and vet organizations.

Some paticipants make sales for their products and services, so guests of the "Equiros Professional" conference can buy special goods for the best prices.

Certanly the business program is the hallmark of the "Equiros Professional'' conference. Numerous workshops, roundtable discussions and presentations are waiting for their guests, including roundtable discussion-presentation "Horses of Victory'', that dedicated to the holiday of May 9. It inclides report of Oleg and Ruslan Nikitin, the horse cavalry re-enactors (about horse cavalry' needs and horse breeding 30-40s), Timur Muminov and Anton Portnov (the cavalry training of the military period in the army and Osoaviakhim), Dmitry Savchenko (the carriage horse in Red Army) and research and practice conference "Contemporary problems of the the horse medicine''.

We are waiting for you at ''Equiros Professional" conference from 28 to 31 of March in pavillion 4.1.

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Welcome to the "Equiros Professional"

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