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Tuesday, March 05, 2019 Innovative treat for horses Hydrosnack

Hydrosnack is produced by innovative technology, which let keep up to 50% of moisture. It helps to support the level of hydration in a horse's body and speed up the process of assimilation of its compounds. Besides, this snack doesn’t cause thirst apart from classical ones. The most favorite tastes of horses were taken into consideration during development of the product.

The taste line of the treat Hydrosnack is presented in three variants: apple and fiber, carrot and fennel seed, meadow grass and flowers. The innovative technology of production of the treat Hydrosnack let combine favorite taste, use of natural compounds and refreshing moisture.

In case, you would like to learn more and ask questions about each of these functional treats Hydrosnack, address to a specialist of the company Mealberry at the exhibition “Equiros Professional'2019”.

Innovative treat for horses Hydrosnack
Innovative treat for horses Hydrosnack

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