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Tuesday, February 05, 2019 Pegas equestrian club, Equiros' advertising partner

Equiros' development and improvement programme is inextricably linked with continuous interaction with equestrian clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region. The main acceptable visuals to inform professional and amateur riders about planned Equiros events in the clubs are banners, posters and brochures. Similarly, Equiros places club information on the venue during its own events. This fruitful cooperation with equestrian club Pegas has been in place for many years. Equiros team has always been treating the cooperation that aims to develop equestrian sport in Russia, with respect and appreciation.

The contemporary equestrian club Pegas is located 25 kilometres away from the Moscow Ring Road following Kaluzhskoe Highway, a fascinating location in the New Moscow. Four spacious and well-lit stables are equipped with anything necessary to ensure a comfortable stay for your horses, including a three-times-a-day diet and a summer stable with automated water bowl for 20 animals.

Two heated riding halls and three outdoor practice grounds ensure adequate and comfortable conditions for both horses and riders. All grounds are filled with high-quality European standard soil.

Six enclosed pastures are also provided, equipped with electric fence for summer season.

A friendly club team is always ready to assist and provide the most comfortable conditions for you and professional care for your horses.

On top of that, Pegas holds its own sport events, offering monthly dressage and show-jumping competitions.

For more details about Pegas and its competition calendar, please see

Pegas equestrian club, Equiros' advertising partner
Pegas equestrian club, Equiros' advertising partner

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