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Thursday, January 10, 2019 SOGER. Constant care for healthy joints and spine

Soger company has confirmed its participation in this spring Equiros. Soger, or Gelapony, as they call themselves at the booth, is a permanent participant of all the exhibitions, offering high-quality spine and joint care products manufactured by Czech company ORLING, namely GELADRINK and CALCIDRINK (pharmaceutical drugs) and Gelapony Arthro and Gelapony Chondro (veterinary medicines).

Orling’s Geladrink and Calcidrink lines of chondroprotectors contribute to the restoration of cartilages, protect the musculoskeletal system, and ensure that the joints receive a good supply of nutrients. The lines have a well-rounded formula full of ingredients which complement and amplify the effect of each other. The drugs can be applied for the following cases:

- proper bone and joint development in young horses;

- delivery of essential nutrients to the hoof tissue;

- strengthening of back, neck, and limb muscles;

- maintenance of normal connective tissues and improvement of endurance in high-intensity exercise;

- treatment of chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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Professional experts from Soger will talk about the distinctive characteristics of ORLING’s drugs versus other brands and their rehabilitation potential in horses with degenerative cartilage tissues.

Soger is an exclusive wholesaler of ORLING, which sells to most veterinary and equestrian stores in Russia and CIS countries. As the company’s motto reads, “prevention is as easy as time-consuming and painful treatment is!”

SOGER. Constant care for healthy joints and spine

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