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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 P&P SYSTEMS to participate in Equiros

The P&P SYSTEMS company specializes in the development and manufacture of composite plastic horseshoes. All the company’s products are produced in Austria and are therefore marked "Made in Austria".

The uniqueness of the horseshoes manufactured by the company lies in a successful combination of reliable operation + easy installation.

Horseshoes are made of several types of plastic, each performing a certain function, for example:

  • Carbon plastic provides for high wear resistance of the horseshoes and an optimal, almost natural hoof slide.
  • Thermo plastic takes on a predetermined shape when heated, thus enabling for fitting the horseshoe to a hoof of any shape, taking into account all its particularities. The horseshoe is shaped manually, without the traditional farrier equipment.

The main advantages of P&P SYSTEMS’ horseshoes:

  • Smart installation system makes horseshoe installation easy for both professional farriers and amateur horse keepers;
  • High-level amortization and comfort is provided due to shock absorption and vibration reduction when working on hard ground;
  • Optimal hoof to ground clutch while preserving the natural hoof slide effect;
  • Different models of horseshoes for different needs and budgets;

Only during Equiros you get a special 1+1 offer for DR horseshoes: buy one pair, get another one for free!

Site of the company’s representative in Russia:

P&P SYSTEMS to participate in Equiros
P&P SYSTEMS to participate in Equiros

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