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Wednesday, February 06, 2013 The Golden Mustang – General Media Partner of Equiros Professional
The Golden Mustang Magazine’s title is a perfect match to our standpoint, ideals and goals, for the Mustang is the symbol of freedom, independence, beauty, constant urge to move forward. Thus, our magazine never staggers in stagnation, always covering the latest and most interesting events of equestrian life of Russia as well as abroad.

Today The Golden Mustang provides:

— Exclusive material and latest information on horse-breeding and equestrian sports in Russia and abroad;
— Interviews with prominent political and showbiz figures, whose passion is equestrian sports, primary sources only;
— Various topical sections, such as Horse Racing, Selection, Breeds, Sport, History, Horse Polo, Advice for Beginners, and many more;
— Constant professional section Veterinary Science, where the readers can find practical recommendations on proper health treatment for their horse;
— Perennial partnership with FEI, as well as with many European and former CIS states national equestrian federations.

The Golden Mustang is supporting several special projects, issues a wide variety of professional editions, and collects pieces of art.

The Golden Mustang is the leading media hub of Russia’s equestrian industry, providing professional and effective coverage of all spheres of equestrian sports and horse-breeding.

The Golden Mustang – General Media Partner of Equiros Professional

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