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Sunday, November 06, 2016 Equiros-2016 Exhibition

For several years now representatives of the equestrian industry and individuals united by the enthusiasm towards horses, gather at the "Equiros" International Equestrian Exhibition.

The exhibition featured companies demonstrating the novelties in apparel and rider’s gear, equestrian equipment, feeds and supplements, veterinary drugs, show rings and equestrian centres construction technologies and specialized books. The eventful business programme included presentations, seminars, discussions and talks on various aspects of equestrian industry development in Russia.

An entertainment programme was provided too, which included horse shows and championships, such as the Akhal-Teke breed championship, Western riding show, Alexey Glukharev's pony show jumping trophy, exhibition performances and voltage open lesson, "Equiros" show championship to determine the ultimate exhibition champion and many more captivating events.

The "Equiros" project is supported by both well known companies and state authorities.

The following entities are partners of the international equestrian exhibition: Equine Veterinary Association, Russian Equestrian Federation, All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Horse-Breeding, Decathlon, Verona Equestrian Centre, PROKONI SHOP, Horze, Timiryazev Moscow Agrarian Academy, EquiHelp, Maxima Vet veterinary clinic and many more.

Our team attended the event to capture the brightest moments.


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