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Monday, August 06, 2012 Even the balkiest horse appreciates care


The International Horse Exhibition Equiros opened in Sokolniki Park on September 6th. It takes place in the capital for the fourteenth time.

A gray horse, shaking his head from side to side, is rushing around the arena. He snorts and kicks, making his white tail flick up and wave every which way. A horsewoman in a scarlet shirt is famously coping with the balky horse. A real Cossack saber is in her hands. This show is called tricky riding.

“Yana Vasileva trained the Arab fast horse named Minsk five years ago. Arabian horses have the most violent and independent character. However, they got on well,” Sergei Kalinin, Senior Vice -President of the Equestrian Federation of Moscow region says.

Various horse shows will be held during the five days of Equiros exhibition. Trick riding is one of the most prominent shows.

“Trick riding - is riding a horse at a gallop. The rider is shooting, juggling with weapons, jumping on the horse, and hanging on it while the horse is running at its full speed. We began to revive this sport only in 2006. Trick riding was very popular among the Cossacks before the revolution in Russia. If you remember, in the ‘Quiet Flows the Don’ Gregory Melekhov’s father received the Imperial Prize for racing on a horse,” Sergei Kalinin said. Eight riders of the Equestrian Club Sozedatel took part in the show, which opened the Equiros exhibition. Horses, which are rushing on the arena and performing dangerous stunts, are Arabian breeds, Karachai and even half-bred ones. Riders are from 16 to 62 years old.

The oldest of the riders is Sergei Kalinin, team leader.

Accompanied with the song “Marusya, one, two, three, arrow-wood”, he is famously riding around the arena, standing on the horse.

“I started riding a horse being only 49 years old. And at the age of 55 I won my first championship. The last thirteen years I can’t imagine my life without horses,” Sergei says.

A large fire ring is lit, this is the most dangerous part of the program. The balky Arabian horse Minsk easily jumps through the burning circles. But he refuses to perform the next number, which is to bow to the public and to go down on his knees.

“Don’t get it wrong, he's really afraid of loud music and applause. Despite his temper, we understand each other. The horse appreciates the patience and care,” Yana Vasilieva, rider explains.

Equiros exhibition is the main horse-breeding exhibition of Russia. Master classes in dressage, training seminars are to be held here. Participants will learn how to photograph horses, learn how to properly feed thoroughbred horses and treat the animals.

The 10th Championship of Russia, the Arabian horses show, will be presented in the park within these days.

Horses of different breeds from all over the world are to be presented: the ponies, draft horses, trotters: three hundred of these horses will take part in the celebration.

On the opening day the band Kanikuly and actress Alla Dovlatova painted figurines of horses with their own hands. Some other celebrities were also expected, but not all arrived. However, those who came, painted figurines for a good reason. These works will be sold at a charity auction during the exhibition; the starting price is five thousand rubles. The money will be granted to children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The Equiros festival will last in Sokolniki until Sunday, September 9th. Horse parades will take place here. Animators will be working in the park; visitors will see a photo exhibition and learn all about the most beautiful animals: horses.


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