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Monday, August 24, 2009 Top horsemen did some first-rate work


The International Horse Exhibition Equiros-2009 ended in Sokolniki.

Amadeus is living in Russia for a few months only, he came from the banks of the Thames. The biggest part of his life a luxurious shire horse spent on open pasture in a herd. Now he is shifting from foot to foot waiting for his turn to go to the ring to bask in the glory once again, and is hiding his eyes away from flashbulbs under his luxurious fringe. The visitors unanimously ranked the Shire horse Amadeus as their favorite while the championships among various breeds at the International Equestrian Exhibition Equiros-2009 which ended yesterday in Sokolniki.

Royal breed.

I want to scratch his withers...but I can not reach it. Amadeus’s height at the withers is 192 cm, his weight, by the way, is more than a ton. He has got a powerful stature, majestic head, brand friezes (overgrown) on his feet, one cannot take one’s eyes off him. “Shire – is an exclusive breed for Russia, it appeared only two years ago,’ Varvara Ivanova, riding master of the private farm near the Ruza, where Amadeus is ‘registered’, says. ‘This horse is the national pride of the United Kingdom that is why it is called royal. Among other things, Prince Charles is the president of the Shire breed club. But this breed does not claim to have a title of the Russian national pride yet. An adult Shire costs about 40 million euros, when, for example, a trotter of Orel can be bought for 30-35 thousand rubles. Then why do we need such expensive producers?’I finally managed to stroke the overseas horse’s silky neck. ‘They help to improve Shire horses of the Vladimir breed,’ Varvara Ivanova explains. ‘They understand that we need fresh blood in farms. Shire horses, despite their phlegm and restraint appearance, are very impulsive by nature. They easily do the elements of dressage, not because they have to, but because they like it.”

Collision with a Mercedes.

There were an incredible amount of horses of different breeds at Equiros. The exhibition annually attracts representatives of studs, hippodromes, horse clubs, and equestrian sport centers to showcase their goods. The best producers show their class at the horse shows and equestrian competitions, which are happening non-stop during the day. Besides shops of equestrian accoutrements and equipment for equestrian sports, manufacturers of stables equipment and facilities for horse care showcase their products. Mikhail Kazenkin, carriage master from the Moscow region brought an elegant wedding carriage to Equiros-2009. “We have developed this model on our own, patented it, and now it is one of the most popular ones - because it is multipurpose,’ the master says. ‘Our phaeton is suitable both for weddings and for riding. It is also graceful to take this one for a simple ride. You can harness the six- seat carriage with one, two or three horses; it is very convenient. The model itself is easy and most importantly, reliable. Our phaeton survived even a collision with a Mercedes (once the emergency happened). Moreover, its shape is noble, it copies the old carriage of Queen Victoria.”

Fashion for horses.

“The exhibition is a hard work for professionals. Successful deals, lucrative contracts are enclosed in the year ahead. There is a spectacular show for visitors. This year we have tried to attract the attention of visitors to the Russian native Shire horse breeds, such as the Don, The Budyonny.’ Lyubov Arkhipova, director of the exhibition says. ‘Unfortunately, these breeds were bred many years ago when horses were used as a draft force, this is not common now. Fashion includes versatile horses, representatives of the hobby-class, sports ones.’ To my question ‘Do you have a favorite breed?’Lyubov answers without hesitation: ‘12 years ago, when I came up with the idea to organize such an exhibition of horses I knew nothing about horses. I had books to read about them. But I happened to see one amazing Akhal-Teke horse. I fell in love with this breed at first sight. But now, after so many years, I have a different answer: there is no breed of horses I don’t love. Every time the diversity of interests among Muscovites surprises me. Love for horses unites everyone, from a street cleaner to a minister.”

VM reference: the International Horse Exhibition Equiros already took place for the 11th time. This year about 20 thousand people came to visit it.


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