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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Pink stallions in Sokolniki


The 5th All-Russian horse exhibition Equiros-2003 opened yesterday

This year, the All-Russian horse exhibition celebrates its anniversary, Equiros takes place in Sokolniki for the fifth time. That is why a lot of surprises are prepared in addition to the traditional sections of the exhibition: the exercising of horses, veterinary medicine, everything for horse breeding and keeping, equipment for shoeing, projects of stables construction, equipment for hippodromes, carriages and carting.

The main surprise is the Russian horse show. The best stuntmen in our country will be showing their eye-popping stunts-on-horses numbers, accompanied by light, sound and laser effects. Their show in the Sokolniki arena is available to see today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at 20.30. It is better to book tickets in advance. However, they are not cheap: VIP –zone costs 3000 rubles, there are also tickets for 1000 and 500 rubles.

Another show will take place on Sunday, August 24th. ‘Legend of the noble knight’ -is a theatrical equestrian representation inspired by traditional Spanish holidays. The Moscow show promises to be breathtaking if we consider the fact that there are only 200 officially registered holidays in Spain, when all the fiestas, from corrida to tournament, are held with the participation of horses.

The contest, the results of which will be summarized on Monday, August 25th, is less expressive, but more useful for the stomach. The results of the Best koumiss of Russia competition will be judged in Sokolniki at 13.00. This time the choice of horse milk is going to be much richer than in the previous year.

The 120th anniversary of Marshal Budenny’s birth and 55 years of the Budenny breed will be celebrated at the Museum of Horse Breeding stand. Unique photos from the Budenny family archives are presented to the public for the first time.

There are special sections for the ladies: the Hat fantasy salon of exclusive clothes for horse riding and a salon of jeans clothes. Here you will learn that a decent young lady must have a hat with a wide brim in this season to go for a walk, and men just have to buy cool Cossacks made of ostrich leather a la Clint Eastwood.

The Equiros-2003 exhibition will last at Sokolniki Exhibition Centre until August 25th.


It is not a holiday without Komsomolskaya Pravda! We take an active part in Equiros. First, everyone will receive our Monday issue for free in Sokolniki, where a full program of the horse exhibition will be published. Secondly, visitors will get postcard-lotteries: they will give you a chance to win valuable prizes and gifts from our newspaper.


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