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Monday, August 20, 2012 Economic Forum ‘Creating the proper investment climate in the Russian equestrian industry’ is to take place within the Equiros exhibition


The Gold Mustang magazine editors together with the Moskau Messe Exhibitions and Conferences Company, with the support and participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Association of Trotting Horse Breeding Commonwealth organized by the Economic Forum Creating the proper investment climate in Russian equestrian industry.

The Forum will take place in Moscow from 6th-7th of September, 2012 for the first time in pavilions number 4, 4.1of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre within the 14th International equestrian exhibition EQUIROS'2012.

The purpose of the Forum – to explore the achievements of the horse industry, to showcase the latest technology, to discuss the prospects of the Russian market development and its adaptation to the European level, the government and business of the horse industry collaboration development, to discuss the problems of creating a favorable investment climate.

The most relevant issues for the horse industry will be discussed in the course of the Forum:

— Development of equestrian sport in the international arena,
— Promotion of equestrian sport in Russia,
— Presentation of Russian companies in the international market,
— Development and promotion for hippodrome cases,
— Investments in horse industry,
— State of horse breeding and farming, necessary development in accordance with the realities of today's market.

The Economic Forum program:

September 6. Development prospects for hippodrome case in Russia
Moderator – A.M. Polzunova (candidate of agricultural sciences, vice president of NP 'Commonwealth Trotting Association of Russia).

13.00-13.10 — Opening of the Forum.
13.10-13.40 — A.M. Polzunova (candidate of agricultural sciences, vice president of NP 'Commonwealth Trotting Association of Russia).
Topic: “New ways of hippodrome operation – festivals of Orel trotter, the Big Siberian Circle, championships and others.”

13.40-14.00 — Olga Klochkova (representative of Morton LLC).
Topic: “New projects — the National Equestrian Park, Alexinsky stud farm.”

14.00-14.20 – M.I. Afanasiev (representative of Russian hippodrome Ltd.).
Topic: “Russian hippodrome Ltd” — principles of organization and prospects development.'

14.20-15.00 – A.A. Ganulich (Vice-President of Federation of horse races sport).
Topic: “The Russian Championship of Russian triples — Problems and Prospects.”

15.00-15.30 — Questions from the Forum participants.

15.30-16.30 — TV movie “The world of trotting races”.

17.30-19.00 — Festival of Orel trotter “Russian legend” at the main arena of the exhibition (Pavilion 4.1).

September 7. Development prospects for equestrian sports in Russia.
Moderator – I. Mamontova (equestrian sport club KSK Levada)

14.00-14.30 — Olga Zibreva (process engineer and project consultant for horse breeding and equestrian facilities, Presidium member of the Equestrian Federation of St. Petersburg).
Topic: “Interactive dressage horse simulator — economic impact and prospects.”

14.30-15.00 — Irina Mamontova (Development Director of equestrian sport club KSK Levada)
Topic: “Investing in equestrian infrastructure development, by the example of the national park hotel KSK Levada.”

15.00-16.00 — Mr. Kasselmann (owner of Hof Kasselmann) and Dr. Ulf Möller (Sales Manager of Hof Kasselmann).
Topic: “Presentation of PSI Sporthorses (Kasselmann / Schockemöhle).”

16.00-16.30 — Elena Basalaeva (candidate of economic science)
Topic: “State support for equestrian sports in Russia.”

16.30-17.00 — Reinhard Langfeld (owner of Multi Projekt GmbH & Co K construction company).
Topic: “Design and construction of modern equestrian sports clubs facilities and equestrian center studs, in consideration of economic and climatic aspects.”

17.00-17.30 — Diana Al Shayer (candidate of master of sport in dressage, member of the international competition).
Topic: “Russia Team creation by attracting company-sponsors (investors) by the example of foreign teams.”

Participation in the World Economic Forum will provide a unique opportunity for networking, establishing a wide range of business contacts, and showcasing of achievements.

The Gold Mustang magazine will be publishing the reporting article on the event’s conclusion, which will include interviews with partners and participants of the Forum.

To apply for the Economic Forum visit, please call to the editorial office: +7 495 945 22 12, +7 495 945 24 78, +7 495 945 60 50, or send your request by e-mail:


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