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Friday, January 25, 2013 Smile Saddlery Premiere
April 4, 2013 – Equiros-Professional-2013, the IV International conference & fair, will see the introduction of Smile saddlery, one of China’s most popular saddlery and other horse & horseman equipment manufacturer.

Smile Saddlery co, ltd is widely known across the world due to its unique style, as well as to its quality and moderate pricing. The brand is gaining popularity, developing an international distribution network. Four shops are already on in the Middle East; Japan, UAE, USA, and Canada have signed agreements for further cooperation with Smile Saddlery. There is no doubt, company’s spokesman said, that the brand shall be successful on the Russian market, for over the past 16 years Smile Saddlery has accumulated considerable experience and has won a reputation of a reliable and dutiful trade partner.

Smile Saddlery is going to present its new exclusive collection of saddlery and equestrian equipment at reasonable prices. The project team has vouched to unite everything, connected with “equestrian lifestyle”, to provide horse-lovers with an opportunity to pick and choose everything they ever dreamed of.

Smile Saddlery Premiere

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