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Saturday, October 29, 2022 "Anything is possible if you know why!"

The Hippotherapy Development Association was founded in 2022 by hippotherapy practitioners from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to develop hippotherapy based on international evidence-based practices adapted to our realities and legislation. Up until now, our professional community has already published more than two dozen educational webinars, three collections of articles, two manuals, and four international round tables on hippotherapy. Next year the first Russian textbook on hippotherapy will be published.

The main criterion for rehabilitation using the horse, as well as for medical and social rehabilitation in our country, is not the amount of help given, but the level of skill, independence and social activity of the patient. The task at hand is to create an effective hippotherapy, providing it with modern technologies, trained personnel and equipment.

Do you want to know how to do it?

Join the workshops at Equiros on October, 30 (Pavilion 20, Conference Hall 2 - Mitkovsky proezd, 20):

11:00 "Everything begins with movement: using horse to achieve different rehabilitation purposes" workshop by Elena Bogachenkova, hippotherapy and developmental horse-riding specialist, APC instructor (Klin)

11:30 "What do clients really want from horseback riding and how to turn this request into a goal?" workshop by Elena Anisimova, psychologist, co-author of the project "Free Hippoventia" (Tula)

12:00 "Why "to train muscle strength" can no longer be the goal of hippotherapy and what is more important and necessary to work on? Case study with ataxia"; workshop by Elizaveta Shlepotina, animal therapist, student at medical faculty of PFUR (Moscow)

12:30 "New approaches in rehabilitation using the horse: developing and improving walking skills, setting goals according to ICF and evaluation of work done" workshop by Ekaterina Khitrova, doctor of exercise therapy anf sports medicine, ergotherapist, Bobath therapist (N. Novgorod)

Marina Lukina, hippotherapy specialist, speech therapist, physical therapist (N. Novgorod)

Professional literature on hippotherapy will be available at the workshops. Participation is free!

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