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Monday, December 24, 2012 Yaroslavl troika training for the 2014 Olympics opening ceremony
If equestrian sports were included in the Olympic program, Andrey Korchagin of Yaroslavl, six-time Russian troika-driving champion, could easily claim a medal or two.

The master-driver currently lives and works at a horse farm in the village of Nikolskoye in Rostov District of the Yaroslavl Region. A local hippodrome annually hosts one of the tours in the national driving championship. Russian troikas from Vologda, Kostroma, Moscow, Voronezh, Penza and other regions regularly take part in that competition.

This year Andrey Korchagin participated in the Russian driving cup in the village of Svechin in the Pereyaslavl District and won the first prize in this, new to him, kind of equestrian sports. But the master’s main mission is the popularization of the troika – the traditional Russian driving combination involving three horses abreast. Recently he had negotiations with the 2014 Olympic games organizers, where he proposed to have a Russian troika lit by light effects enter the stadium during the opening ceremony.

The final opening ceremony scenario has not yet been decided, but the Yaroslavl enthusiast has already got a counter offer to carry the Olympic torch riding in a troika. There is still plenty of time before the 2014 games start, and soon the master will take part in a winter tour of the Russian driving championship, which is to start in Moscow on January 20. Next there are stages to be held in Voronezh, Vologda and Penza, where Korchagin traditionally will be one of the favorites.

Yaroslavl troika training for the 2014 Olympics opening ceremony


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