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Thursday, November 29, 2012 Mayor’s Equestrian Sports Cup took place in Yaroslavl for the first time
The most spectacular part of the competition is the power jumping. The rider has to jump over four obstacles, each 120 cm high. Each successful jump raises the bar by 10 cm. The record of Yaroslavl athletes, by the way, is 190 cm.

The rider has the right to refuse jumping. Only one participant risked to jump 170 cm – Valentin Gusev on the horse named Bakhor.

"Everything matters here – the strength of a horse, how it is trained, dressed. Everything is on display. The horse works it to the max, really pushing its limits. That’s why it’s so spectacular", - said Valentin Gusev.

The Mayor’s Cup in three Olympic equestrian disciplines – show-humping, triathlon and dressage – was held for the first time. Apart from Yaroslavl riders, the tournament gathered equestrian athletes from Moscow, Samara, Kostroma and Ivanovo. Not bad for the first time but, according to the organizers, it is not enough.

"The season ended in October. Many decided to spare their horses and not to come. That’s why we are planning to hold the next championship in spring", - said Anna Pyrkina, the director of the Yaroslavl equestrian school.

This year all three cups remained in Yaroslavl. The organizers say that the situation is likely to change next year when there will be many more contestants. Besides, the new tournament can be a good start for a professional career even among the youngest.

Equestrian sports in Yaroslavl


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