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Friday, March 15, 2019 Functional line of Hydrosnack treats

The functional line of Hydrosnack treats was developed in accordance with horses' needs, which resulted in the products being able to increase health resources through natural ingredients.

As of today, the Hydrosnack line features three treats: Digestion, Immunity, and Skin and Coat.

Hydrosnack Digestion includes a complex of plant components and FOS, and therefore is good for the gastrointestinal system, prevents colic pain, and removes toxins and waste from the system.

Hydrosnack Immunity brings in a complex of phyto components, vitamins and minerals, which provide a tonic effect and maintain horse's immune system, while also delivering some antioxidant properties.

Hydrosnack Skin and Coat have anti-inflammatory and repellent effect, reduce manifestation of allergic reactions on skin and ensure the health of skin and coat thanks to the complex of herbs and plants, amino acids and Omega3&6.

Professionals from Mealberry company will attend the Equiros-2019 to tell you everything and answer all your questions about the above functional Hydrosnack treats.

Functional line of Hydrosnack treats
Functional line of Hydrosnack treats

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