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Friday, February 22, 2019 Andalusian horse breeding farm MS partners with Equiros. Sale and import of Andalusian horses (PRE)

In just 300 kilometres away from Moscow, in Kurkino district, Tula region, a fascinating Andalusian horse breeding farm MS can be found.

The Andalusian breed, or Pura Raza Española, is fairly widespread globally, and excels in original breed qualities, which engage aficionados from all over the world.

Since the 16th-17th centuries the Andalusian horses have been a source of admiration for sophisticated individuals and art devotees: artists, sculptors, writers and poets. For as long as anyone can remember, kings and great warriors would ride the Andalusian stallions on the parades of triumph.

The special exterior features and proportions of the Spanish horses gave birth to the discipline of classic dressage, followed by its sport version.

Pura Raza Española (PRE) is a progenitor for many other European and American breeds, such as the Lipizzaner, the Frisian, the Paso Fino, the Quarter Horse and many more.

The unique horses of Spain are no less relevant today, successfully competing in sport dressage or driving, and undoubtedly ranking top in classic Spanish sports.

They also remain to be the models and the source of inspiration for artists and sculptors, thanks to their charismatic baroque exterior. Equally often one can see these horses in movies.

This regard is rightfully deserved. For many centuries this breed was bred both for riding and drafting, and eventually became a great and considerable companion for humans and animals alike. It's a kind, human-oriented and obedient horse, able to compete with classic sport breeds.

Today the Andalusian horses are still employed as enhancers for other breeds, consistently passing down their facile nature and endurance to the future generations.

A few Andalusians were brought to the rich fields of the Tula region in 2010. Since 2012 the Andalusian farm MS has been officially registered in the Spanish association ANCCE. The farm focuses on breeding classic baroque horses of the old breed lines, which feature great temper, good health and fair capabilities for sport. Foals are enabled to spend half a year on vast hilly pastures, and have enough walks in winter, which results in perfect health, strong ligaments, well-developed muscular system and great temper.

The Andalusian farm MS specializes not only on Spanish horses with original ANCCE passports, but also on breeding various interesting crossbreeds.

The Andalusians will appeal to anyone fascinated by beauty, and prove smooth both in sport and recreation. The horses with many centuries of history are now available in Russia.

Andalusian horse breeding farm MS partners with Equiros. Sale and import of Andalusian horses  (PRE)
Andalusian horse breeding farm MS partners with Equiros. Sale and import of Andalusian horses (PRE)

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