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Wednesday, January 30, 2019 Swiss feeding rations for horses from HB HORSE LABORATORY

This spring, visitors and participants of Equiros will have another chance to learn about the high quality equestrian products brought to you by the trademark HB HORSE LABORATORY.

The company Ecoline is the official trade house in Russia and CIS countries of HB HORSE LABORATORY, the co-developed company Kubanagroprod-T, and the manufacturing plant ООО "Center Soya". The companies cooperate to develop and promote professional grade feeding products for a balanced nutrition of the horse (energy muesli, natural concentrates, mineral supplements). These are produced in Russia jointly with the Swiss manufacturer HOKOVIT and using their technology as well as high quality vitamin complexes, essential amino acids, chelated microelements, and antioxidants from leading companies from Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands. HB HORSE LABORATORY offers a wide range of balanced horse feeding products!

Health, energy, and stamina are the three main benefits our customers are looking for and shall be able to derive from horse feeds, and this is a combo set HORSE LABORATORY is ready to offer by selling its premium level, top-quality feeds.

Muesli products by HB HORSE LABORATORY are high-grade, easily digestible, and well-balanced — perfect for different horses undergoing different intensities of exercise.

The HB HORSE LABORATORY trademark offers products of the highest quality for broodmares, already weaned foals 6 months and older, horses in training and recovering from exercise, muesli for horses after illness or stress, as well as feeding products for breeding stallions.

To learn more about the trademark, visit the company’s booth in exhibition hall 4.1 or go to their website

The Ecoline trade house will be happy to share valuable information and find interested partners.

Swiss feeding rations for horses from HB HORSE LABORATORY
Swiss feeding rations for horses from HB HORSE LABORATORY

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