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Friday, January 11, 2019 Masters of made-to-measure shoes to present their remarkable collection of shoes as well as new releases

When it first participated in Equiros in spring 2017, the Alfa shoe manufacturing shop from the Russian city of Penza gained the trust of the visitors. Since then, the company has grown into one of the exhibition’s most in-demand bespoke shoemakers.

Alfa produces all kinds of custom-made shoes, from dress shoes, boots, and high boots to exclusive shoes made according to individual needs, dance and stage shoes, special purpose shoes, and various types of athletic footwear. You may choose a design solution based on the samples displayed at the shop, otherwise a customized sketch can be made with the aid of a fashion designer who will take care of all the details.

Shoes for equestrian sports and horse riding, namely boots, gaiters, and ankle boots, constitute another part of Alfa’s work. All of the above articles are made strictly in accordance with the customer's foot and calf measurements, for shoes to fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. Design your pair of customized shoes based on sketches, pictures, or catalogs, for a unique and eye-catching image of the horseman.

Large and small foot sizes, flatfoot, leg length discrepancy, excess weight, different types of foot disorders, disorders resulting from accidents, including vehicle accident injuries — all of these factors are considered while measuring your feet, ensuring the footwear produced by Alfa is comfortable to wear. 30% of the company's customers are people with non-standard foot sizes who cannot purchase ready-made shoes.

Alfa’s team is composed of specialists with lengthy service and extensive hands-on experience in the segment. Their skills, professionalism, and creativity are what helps identify and meet the customer’s needs and produce shoes of the highest quality.

Address: 5 Ukhtomskogo Street, Penza

Phone: +7(8412) 94-74-04, +7(8412) 68-55-54, +7(902) 208-50-10


Masters of made-to-measure shoes to present their remarkable collection of shoes as well as new releases

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