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Wednesday, December 19, 2018 "Trusted by Horses". Nutrition and supplementary feeding by Dikiy Medved

Dikiy Medved company is a permanent participant of Equiros. Every year, it delights horse owners with a wide range of quality and wholesome products. There are over 80 stores in Russia and about 10 in CIS countries offering products under the brand name of Dikiy Medved. The company's feeds and supplements are high in nutrient density, and all the ingredients are carefully selected based on the “eating with horse” principle, meaning they are fit for human consumption, as well.

Kaltsevit, VitaLit, Daily Pellet, Muskul Plus, Sulfo, Nettle Mix, Gelatin Artro, Biotin Pro, Bioactive linseed oil, garlic, and many other products have been receiving positive feedback from many professionals and amateurs. Quality products and wholesome feeding is what helps Dikiy Medved outperform its international counterparts.

A wide range of feeds, supplementary feeding products, syrups, feed oils, and horse care items will help athletes, equestrian sports fans, and breeding farms achieve their most desired athletic goals. The company has competitive prices and the quality of its products remains consistently high. All the recipes are unique and have been devised by the company’s livestock engineers and veterinarians.

Make sure you visit the company's booth where skilled experts will help you select a recipe to invigorate your animal. Besides, Dikiy Medved will be offering discounts no one else really knows about!!!

For more information on the company's products visit the official website at

"Trusted by Horses". Nutrition and supplementary feeding by Dikiy Medved

Last update: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 3:12:44 PM

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