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Thursday, December 13, 2018 NEVA-VET Group. With care for your pet’s well-being

The NEVA-VET Group of Companies is a long-term participant of Equiros. 

Neva-Vet group of companies was founded in 1995 as a network of veterinary pharmacies for pets and livestock. Since 1999, it also sells veterinary products for horses. At present, it has five pharmacies and clinics in different parts of St Petersburg and a veterinary store in Moscow, which has successfully operated for over 15 years at CSKA’s equestrian resort at 5 Dybenko St., Moscow.

At present, Neva-Vet expands its footprint year on year. Thanks to a wide network of distributors, you can now buy veterinary supplies and feed additives not only in the two Russian capitals but in different regions of Russia as well. The company offers a flexible system of discounts for wholesale and regular customers.

NEVA-VET offers a wide variety of drugs and feed supplements from leading European, American, and Australian manufacturers, including some renowned companies, such as Alvetra (Austria), Alpha-Vet (Hungary), Ceva (Australia), Contipro (Czech Republic), DermaPet (USA), Karizoo s.a. (Spain), Nature Vet (Australia), Nicovet (Germany), TRM (Ireland), VMD (Belgium), etc.

Currently, the Neva-Wet Group of Companies is the exclusive distributor of the above companies, offering the following brands together with its partners: Aluminium-Spray, Bonharen, Haemobalans, Isofluran, Intrauma, Kariflox, Carofertin, Stride, Selevit, Fenilbutazon, Furinaid, and many more.

The staff of its pharmacies and clinics all have veterinary medical degrees, and they are always ready to provide quality assistance. The company’s skilled experts are excited to invite you to attend the NEVA-VET Group's stand at Equiros Professional between March 28 and 31, 2019. They will also provide consultancy on equine reproduction problems to breeding farms.

NEVA-VET Group. With care for your pet’s well-being
NEVA-VET Group. With care for your pet’s well-being

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