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Monday, October 01, 2018 "MED-NP", exclusive supplier of Extra-Zell (Germany) physiotherapeutic equipment in Russia

The company presents an assortment of scientific and innovative veterinary and medical devices for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as for improving sports results.

At the Equiros exhibition Extrazell biomechanical stimulants (BMS) will be presented, an efficient treatment and prevention of injuries in horses and riders. Many popular forms of therapy take months, sometimes even years, to achieve results. With BMS treatment, 6 to 9 procedures are enough to see the effect.

The application of biomechanical stimulation in veterinary medicine is extensive and includes the following cases:

— injuries and limp prevention;

— post surgery;

— recuperation during and after intensive training and competitions;

— dressage issues treatment;

— muscular atrophy prevention;

— back and neck conditions treatment;

— muscle tension and fatigue relief;

— correction of unnatural position in head and tail;

— injuries and partial tendon ruptures treatment;

— tender points relief and healing.

For detailed information about the company and its products, see the website:

"MED-NP", exclusive supplier of Extra-Zell (Germany) physiotherapeutic equipment in Russia

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