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Friday, March 16, 2018 “Coachman of the year” show contest

In the framework of the 20th anniversary exhibition to be held from 4th to 7th of October 2018 the “Coachman of the year” show contest will take place.

Contest goal: demonstration and developing of the Russian best carriage traditions, cultivation and promotion of the carriage riding in the modern urban environment of the large cities.

We invite to take part in the contest the horse owners and representative teams fascinated by harness events.

The organizers of the contest: ECC “Sokolniki”, Department of Culture of Moscow City Government, “Sokolniki” Park.

Contest participation conditions:

  1. Carriage is a classic urban model for the transportation of people (non sport type), of national or European production, made for a couple of horses, strictly prefabricated.
  2. Horses are well-trained and handled couple of any breed including pony that are not inferior to D class.
  3. Collar, breast harness.
  4. Classic dress code (tail-coat, top hat, gloves).

Registering of the contest participants is performed until 01.08.2018, registering may be closed before the date mentioned in the case when the participants have booked all the contest positions.

At the same time, on 5th of April at 3 p.m. the organizers will hold in the framework of the “Equiros professional” exhibition a round table dedicated to the “Coachman of the year” contest, where all interested persons will be invited to discuss the issues referred to the preparation and holding of this event.

Contact information:

Project manager
Aleksey Kharyutkin
Tel: 8 916 353 19 79

“Coachman of the year” show contest
“Coachman of the year” show contest

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