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Tuesday, September 06, 2016 Horseshoeing workshop by Ulrich Gerusel

Within the framework of the Equiros Horse Fair 2016 and The 1st Russian Horseshoeing Championship, “For Horses” company is glad to present you the workshops by the Werkman Horseshoes company’s farrier Ulrich Gerusel.

Ulrich Gerusel has been a practicing farrier for 30 years. He had finished the international farrier school in Schwarzwald, Germany, as a farrier and later completed a three-year course in the same school, specializing in horseshoeing. At the moment he is a certified horseshoer with an international CE-farrier license. Mr. Gerusel specializes in orthopedic sport horse horseshoeing and conducts a lot of workshops and seminars.

During the workshops the master will demonstrate different shoeing techniques and methods, from basic iron horseshoe forging to hot forging and orthopedic horseshoeing.

At the workshops you can ask questions about hooves cleaning and horseshoeing, optimal horseshoes and shoeing type.

Moreover, we invite all interested horse owners to participate in our workshops with their horses. During the workshop we will choose the optimal shoeing type for your horse, tell you whether your horse has any problems and if it does, we’ll tell you how you can solve them; we can also clean your horse’s hooves and do the shoeing. Please note that the participating horses should tolerate shoeing well and should not pose a danger to the public.

The horseshoeing is free of charge and is performed on forging materials provided by the “For Horses” company.

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