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Thursday, May 17, 2012 ARGO Company is Marstall's exclusive dealer for horse feeding at Equiros'2012

Argo company began its activity as an official dealer of well-known German Beckmann & Erben trendepo in 2009.

In 2010 the company began new activity and became an exclusive dealer of Marstall – the German producer of bait and supplementary feeding. For three years of fruitful work with Marstall bait and supplementary feeding the company managed to form a highly qualified team and the best service quality among those companies engaged in this sphere is the proof of it. There is a net of distributors in the Northern regions of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan, Ural, Siberia and the Far East (from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok). The range of products is skillfully worked out. There is also a number of free services for Russian equestrians (organization of feeding, advice on stabling and feeding, delivery within the Moscow Region right to the stable of the customer, etc.).

The company is actively carrying out social work to promote equestrian sports in Russia. Heavy finance and organizational support is provided to hold a great number of sport events among amateurs and professionals, as well as children contests. For two years AGRO Company has been rewarding best young sportsmen with the opportunity to feed horses for free during the sport season. Marstall products were appreciated by approximately 50 sportsmen of Russian Team in dressage, show-jumping, triathlon and other equestrian disciplines.

Today the main purpose of the company is price affordability of Marstall bait for horses on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. ARGO Company invites equestrian shops, private stables, and equestrian complexes from various parts of Russia.

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You have also an opportunity to enquire for information by E-mail:; or by phone: +7 495 780 7130.

Look forward to seeing you at Equiros’2012!

ARGO Company – to participate in Equiros exhibition

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