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Monday, December 26, 2011 New year horse show “Edinorog” (“Unicorn”) will be held in Sokolniki

The premiere of horse show for kids “Unicorn” — a fairy tale about mythic white horse based on the original script — to take place in pavilion 3 of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Show director, Mairbek Kantemirov, Honored Artist of Russia and Ossetia, a third-generation man of one hundred year dynasty of Kantemyrovs horsemen, told us about his new two-act show with horse tricks, progressive circus art elements and vanguard choreography. Christmas fairy tale “Unicorn” doesn’t seem like regular holiday show: the main stars of the show are horses of prestige breeds — from royal Andaluz to gracious Akhal-Teke. And it’s not a surprise because the history of Kantemirovs family is inseparably bonded with horses and fancy riding. Since the day in 1907 when Ali-Bek Kantemirov founded the school of fancy riding, which combined traditions of Caucasian, Cossack and other people of Emperor Russia horse tricks traditions, school of Kantemirovs doesn’t have any competitors. “I want to show people the different sides of rich traditions of horse riding art based on more than a hundred year experience of Kantemirovs dynasty. I combine different genres, theatrical aesthetics and newest show technologies,” says show director Mairbek Kantemirov.

Mairbek himself is a worthy successor of the dynasty. His latest show “Avaia” set near Niagara falls was sold out for more than five years and was found the best attraction of the year in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada). Kantemirov’s troupe toured halfway around the world — the show was performed in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, UAE — and everywhere it took various awards and medals. For example, from 2001 to 2005 this show was the special guest of “Spirit of the Horse” project in Great Britain, and in 2003 it took gold at the international circus festival in Rome.

“Unicorn” is a fairy tale that will be interesting not only for kids but for their parents. If kids are amazed by tricks and special effects, grownups find the idea and depth of this show important,” tells Mairbek. “I won’t tell you everything but will remind you that fairy tales have all wisdom of humanity, and by the meaning of mythology a Unicorn is the symbol of gentleness and magical energy”.

As Mairbek tells us, the audience to see heroic story of wisdom and courage, kindness and loyalty, the anthem to the unity of men and animals. Dynamics and grace are ensured by amazing horses — the animal which passed through centuries with a man, giving him his loyalty.

“My mission is to set the audience’s fantasy on, and then with a little help of one’s imagination, every spectator makes his own conclusions,” show director intrigues. Show distributes by non-profit partnership the Federation of ticket business and promotional company Euro Entertainment.

“We are discovering new place for our shows — Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. Until this time it hosted only exhibitions despite the fact that this place could do more than that,” says the producer of Euro Entertainment, Ildar Bakeev. “We decided to become pioneers and we weren’t scared — we had the experience of holding massive shows”.

Euro Entertainment held such stars’ shows like Sting, Sarah Brightman, Oomph!, Marilyn Manson, Garou, Bruno Pelletier, Jeff Beck and phenomenal show “Swan’s Lake” in Kremlin.

You can purchase tickets for “Unicorn” in Moscow without difficulties. And moreover, they can be purchased at the box office near the main entrance to Sokolniki Park. The show to be held every day from December 28, 2011 to January 10, 2012 inclusively. For further information please call +7 495 641 1900.

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