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Friday, February 01, 2013 First Horse Domestication Moves to Arabia
Saudi Arabia archeologists report they have found evidence that the horse was domesticated on Arabian Peninsula around 9000 years ago. Al-Maqar finds cast doubt on the widely-accepted hypothesis, according to which horse domestication took place in Central Asia 5500 years ago.

Among the artifacts discovered are arrow heads, scrapers, grain crushers, spinning and weaving tools as well as human remains; wherefrom DNA samples have been successfully extracted. Ali al-Ghabban, Vice-president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, announced that these discoveries radically shift the concept of the area’s Neolithic culture. Al-Maqar had been one of the most developed civilizations of the period.

Man first started bonding with Horse around 50 thousand years ago. At first, these animals were mainly used as a source of meat, skin, and, presumably, milk. First evidence overwhelming the benefit of the doubt can be traced as far back as 2 000 B.C. – horses, entombed with chariots. In the first millennium B.C. Horse was domesticated in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Some scientists believe Horse had been domesticated by the Botai Culture (northern Kazakhstan) 5500 years ago.

First Horse Domestication Moves to Arabia


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